Beezid Reviews – Is a Scam?



Beezid Reviews – Is a Scam?  


The reviews show that this site is hands down my favorite penny auction site and I am in no way a big penny auction lover. If you don’t know what penny auctions are and how they work here is a brief synopsis to go off of: 


Penny auctions are auctions that are increased at one cent increments, there is a catch though each bid is worth only one cent when you bid but you have to pay $.69 for each bid so technically you lose $.68 every time you bid!  


At the bid costs are sixty nine cents for each bid but you can buy larger bid packs for less money per bid. All penny auction websites require that you pay up front. This is a well known website thanks to an aggressive advertising using different types of media to get the word out. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, I still prefer using a service like for finding deals online. 


Why I Like  


Here is why I like this site; the freebies and the lay out of the site. Honestly it is the freebies that sell me.  I love anything free and offers bids for joining and you earn free bids by referring other people and you also can use your lost bids as credits toward special items. 


This website is just a perfect combination of great inventory and great deals. I have watched auctions on this site quite a few times just to get a feel for things and am happy to say unlike other penny auction sites it does not seem as if the same people are winning over and over again. 


Lets talk about lay out. is laid out perfectly. Everything is easy to find the FAQ page is very informative. Generally speaking this website lacks nothing. It is the best penny auction site on the web.  




This is kind of where my love for Beezid wanes a bit. I get it everyone has to make some money so putting out those big ticket items is not really conducive to profits but I think that they could throw out a few more big ticket items here and there.  


This is a great website for both the novice and experienced penny auction attendee. Novice users will be thrilled with all the free giveaways that they find and the experienced auction attendee will be happy with the quality and the quantity of items. 


Overall, the Beezid reviews show that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people seem to prefer using a service like for finding deals online.