Review – Is Copart a Scam? Review – Is Copart a Scam?  


Need some auto parts? Maybe you are interested in restoring a car to its original state. is online for those of you that want to find vehicles dirt cheap to use for parts or to restore.  


The review shows that this is an auction site but that is not how it started out. was well known for providing a host of car parts. This site is a unique auto site in that owns all the vehicles that are being auctioned.  


There is a huge selection of vehicles that are available each week at auction. I think there are deals to be had here, however a lot of people claim to be getting good deals through so you may also want to check it out.  


Nothing in Life is Free like just about anything else in life is not free. As a matter of fact is on the expensive side once you get through with upgrading your free membership to be able to bid on more than one car than paying the deposit of $400 (which is refundable) you have to immediately be able to come up with $600. 


To take full advantage of the site you have to upgrade your free membership which costs $200. Everyone that wants to bid has to put up a deposit of $400. In the end if you get what you want in the way of a car than it may be worth putting up the $200.  


Use Caution  


Unless you live in the area of the copart yards than you will not have the opportunity to actually view what you are going to bid on. You do have the option of hiring someone locally (like a certified mechanic) to take a look at things for you.  


You will need to have at least a basic knowledge of cars. The cars that offer up are typically insurance wrecks that have been sold to copart. In many many cases you can find late model cars that might need some body work to be returned to pristine condition. Unfortunately many of the cars suffer from far more damage than can be seen.  



The website is easy to navigate and copart has been in business for a long time and is a familiar name to anyone that is a gear head. The company has an excellent reputation for providing good customer service.  


Just be sure if you decide to use this site that you understand exactly what you are getting into. There are heavy penalties assessed against the people that do not show up to pick up their cars and pay copart.  


Overall, the Copart review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however you may also want to check as many people are report good deals there.