Dealdash Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?


Dealdash Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?
 is a penny auction website. You pay up front sixty cents for each bid which is worth a penny each. This is common for penny auctions. You pay up front for bids which you can use at auction. There are deals at just about any penny auction if you know what you’re doing, although most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online. 


What’s Good About has one feature that I love that some penny auction but not all offer. Typically at a penny auction once you use your bid it is gone. At if you bid in an auction and do not win the auction than your lost bids can be used to buy the item at retail cost.  


Now the savings is not great but at least you do not lose any money. Ultimately than the goal should be to bid only on items you intend to buy anyway. This is a no risk way of having some shopping fun without losing any money!  


Some Facts is a well established web site that has been around since 2009, that may not seem like a long time but in penny auction times that is a lifetime. bills itself as the longest running penny auction site.  


This website is user friendly and very easy to navigate. The frequently asked questions page is easy to use and has tons of information available. The customer service information is easy to find and is comprehensive which I always like.  


I searched the web high and low and could not find any negative comments about this site. I found some positive comments from other reviewers whom I would have to say I am in agreement with. Registration is quick and easy and FREE.  




If I could make one suggestion about this site it would be to offer some incentives in the form of free bids. It is always nice to get something for free! Most penny auction sites do offer some free bids and I think is losing some good opportunities to get more people to sign on by ignoring offering up some freebies.  


I like It has decent inventory and is easy to use. The cost is right around industry average and I like the idea of being able to buy the item I am bidding on at retail and using by bids that normally would be lost. This site is a good bet for both novices and die hard participants.  


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: 100 or so 

Geographical location: Nationwide 


Overall, the Dealdash reviews show that is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online so you may want to check them out also. 


Dealdash Reviews – Is Legit or a Scam?































 Review- Penny Auction Palace


The Dealdash review shows that this site has come a long way from the little penny auction site that it started out as. They have added more inventory which is always a nice surprise to find when you are reviewing websites. They look like they have made some other improvements as well.


Of course with big growth comes well big growth. has grown exponentially which of course means that so has its membership. There are a LOT of people that participate in the auctions now which of course makes it harder than ever to win.


There are still quite a few positives though so you may want to try your hand at and decide for yourself if the overcrowding affects you or not.  The cost of the bids are 60 cents which is right in line with industry standards. Reviews - Getting Started


Unfortunately does not offer free bids for signing up like some other penny auction sites do. This is a negative but there are special newbie auctions to help you get acclimated to the process so the risk is a bit lower but it would be nice if they offered up some free bids.

All you need is an email address, your credit or debit card to purchase bids and to be over the age of 18 and you are ready to go!


Free Shipping


All items won on ship for free which is a nice touch. Not having to pay for shipping helps to keep your costs down.  Winning items are usually shipped in 24 hours which is a great turn around time!


Dealdash Review - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


One of the best things about using as your penny auction site is the 90 day money back guarantee (although I have no found anyone that has actually reviewed the guarantee). If you are not happy with the item that you received you can either have the item replaced or you can get your money back! If it works as it should this is a real benefit.


You Can Use Your Bids to Buy The Item


Lets say you lose the auction, on most penny auction sites you are out of luck. You lose whatever bids that you used during the auction on many penny auction sites but at you can use the bids to go toward the purchase of whatever item you are bidding on should you lose the auction.

This is a great opportunity to save some money on an item that you planned on buying anyway because most of the items are sold way below retail value.


Overall has stood the test of time so that is a great big thumbs up. They have also improved their inventory to include more high end items which is also another big thumbs up. Overall if penny auctions are your thing or you are thinking they may become your thing than is as good a place as any to bid!