Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauction.com Legit or a Scam


Policeauctions.com Review – Is Policeauction.com Legit or a Scam



Everyone has heard about the great deals you can get at a government surplus auction. Periodically government entities will auction off their surplus items that they no longer need and the public has the opportunity to bid on the items. 


Policeauctions.com has a name that makes it sound like you will be bidding on those great deals! The reality is a bit different. This website sells only one thing and that is a service. There is no products sold here by government agencies there are some products sold but they are not government surplus products. If you’re someone looking for a deal on surplus government merchandise, you should take a look at AuctionResource.org and many people claim that they are the best auction listing service on the web. 


So What is Policeauctions.com? 


Basically this is a membership site and you get information for your membership fee each month. The site states that membership is free but once you start peeling back the layers of information you do come to the information that states the free membership is restricted and only offered so that you can get an idea of what is going on at policeauctions.com. 


The Cost 


To become a member and get information that you can get for free plan on paying $7.95 per month which really is not a lot of money but you have to ask yourself what are you getting for the $7.95 per month? I look at it this way if someone has secret information that they are willing to sell I am pretty sure that they will sell if for a bit more than the $7.95 per month. 


I do not like the idea that people are lured here because they believe that they are going to see some police auction or government auction action. It clearly states in the terms of service that this company does not represent any government entity and that they do not warrant or guarantee any information that they publish. So you are paying for information that may or may not be correct? 


While this site may very well be worth the money, there are a few things to consider first. This site uses the auto pay feature which means that every month your credit or debit card will be charged and you have to remember to cancel your subscription so that the payments stop being charged. 


Overall, the Policeauctions.com review shows that this service is legit and is not a scam, however AuctionResource.org is a more popular choice so you may want to check them out also. 


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