Ubid.com Review – Is Ubid Legit or a Scam


Ubid.com Review – Is Ubid Legit or a Scam?


The Ubid.com review shows that this is an auction website that uses the real type of auction model in other words it is not a penny auction site. Ubid.com has been around for a while which is a good thing. I like sites that have a bit of a history because I feel like all of their kinks will have been worked out. 


Ubid has a pretty impressive inventory that is chock full of interesting items. You can find high end electronics, clothing, automotive stuff there is a whole litany of items that are auctioned off on the regular at ubid. While there are deals to be had here, you may want to also check out AuctionResource.org and many people are reporting great deals there. 


Fees and Other Costs 


Registration is free but there is a transaction fee that is tacked on to every item you win. The transaction fee is 3% of the total purchase price. Note that the 3% fee is non refundable. It is explained on the site that this fee is used to offset the costs of processing the items. 


The Ubid.com review shows that this site does not allow the public to list their items for sale. The site strictly sells Ubid items so sellers fees do not need to be discussed. 




Whenever a site is selling their own merchandise at auction I feel somewhat compelled to check out what other consumers have to say. I just figure that if everyone is happy with what they got than it is a good indication of things to come on the site. 


I found this one review at complaintsboard.com. “ I have used ubid.com on several occasions and have actually one more than once up until this last auction I was very satisfied with my winnings. This time the item that arrived (a watch) and it was nothing at all like it was in the picture, the color was off and it wasn't even the same style! I called and called and called and finally after 2 months of complaining a new watch arrived in the mail with a mailer to send the wrong watch back!” 


I did not find anything else negative about this site, the one negative review was all to negative and may be just an off experience for that one user. 


The site is easy to navigate it is well laid out. The inventory was impressive enough to warrant a second viewing of the site for me. I think that Ubid.com has some great deals waiting to be snagged. I give ubid.com a thumbs up! 


Subscription: $0 

Number of Items: 100's 

Geography: Nationwide 


Overall, the Ubid.com review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding deals online.