Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore.com a Scam?



Webstore.com Reviews – Is Webstore.com a Scam?  


The Webstore.com reviews shows that this is an innovative market place on the web. Imagine no fees! That is the single best news I have heard in a long time, buying and selling without having to pay any fees.  


Webstore.com does not charge buyers or sellers fees they rely solely on advertising to make their money and keep the site up and running. Registration is free, selling is free, buying is free.  


There are a couple of issues that arise when you have a completely free space to sell and buy. You are relying heavily on everyone’s ability to be honest. There is a verification process that is voluntary.  


Protect Yourself  


I think this website is a great way to sell and buy but I also think that as a consumer you should make sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself is too only deal with sellers that have been verified. Looking for a deal is one thing, but protecting your money is another. If you are someone looking for a deal online, you might want to check out AuctionResource.org. 


When a seller is verified their address and credit card information is checked. This will give you a certain amount of peace of mind. If you are going to sell at the webstore.com than  I strongly suggest you pay the $4.95 to get verified just so you can assure your buyers that you mean business and are just not a scam artist trying to get their money.  




There is a decent amount of inventory on the site some new and some used. There are a lot of collectible items but frankly they need to beef things up a bit. I think this site will do well but right now  it is still in the fledgling stages.  




The auction times are pretty long for just about everything I saw like days long. I think for certain things they could probably cut that time down quite a bit. I lose interest easily and would have a hard time waiting days and days to see if I won an auction.  




This may be a great time to get in on the selling because typically sites that start out free usually do not remain free at a certain point in time they almost have to start charging fees to see any profit at all.  


Make sure you buy only from verified sellers it is just a better way to do business all around.  


Overall, the Webstore.com review shows that this is a legit site and is not a scam, however if you are looking for a deal online you may want to check out Auctionresource.org as they seem to be getting some great reviews.